USAPA 2017 Nationals

Casa Grande, AZ

Nov. 4 - 13, 2017


CAPA was well represented at the National Championships held recently in Casa Grande, Arizona. Remarkably, every CAPA player who participated brought at least one medal home...a continuing testimony to the talent level in our area. 

CAPA members are underlined


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         Event                               Player                       Award    Age Group

Junior Men's Doubles    Jake Weinbach & Brian Astbury        Silver         15-18

Junior Men's Singles     Jake Weinbach                                 Bronze       16-18

Junior Mixed Doubles   Jake Weinbach & LeEllen Lane          Silver          15-18

Men's Doubles 5.0        Dave Weinbach & Aspen Kern           Gold            19+

Men's Doubles 4.5        Rick Schworck & Peter Giljohann      Bronze         65+

Mixed Doubles 5.0        Dave Weinbach & Stephanie Lane    Gold             35+

Mixed Doubles 4.5        Sherri Steinhauer & Mike Moonan    Gold            55+