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December 2023 CAPA News

17 Dec 2023 1:37 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The CAPA Board would like to wish you a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season!

Here is some information we want to share.


Pickle Play and Social 

Mon, Dec 18

Prairie Athletic Club 

Free for PAC Members, punch card or $10 

(Food/drinks are on your own)

10am - Noon:  Play Pickleball

USA Pickleball 2024 Rulebook is available online.


Correcting Server, Receiver and Player Position Errors (4.B.9) Faults for incorrect server, incorrect receiver and player position errors are eliminated. The referee will now correct any such player errors before calling the score. Rule 4.B.9 is the primary rule text. Several other rules have been modified or deleted to correlate with this change.

Draping Net (2.C.6/11.L.5.b) Rule 2.C.6 called for a replay when a ball goes over the net and hits a net that is draped on the ground (except on a serve) but only if the referee determined that the ball was affected by the draped net. This rule, and Rule 11.L.5.b for temporary nets, now call for a replay without qualification. A determination that the ball was affected by the draped net is now not required in officiated or non-officiated play.

Catch or Carry Ball on the Paddle (7.L) Rule 7.L now makes catching or carrying a ball on the paddle a fault without having to determine that the catch or carry was deliberately done.

Conceding a Rally (13.E.4/13.E.5) Rule 13.E.5 calls for a replay when a player overrules to their detriment a line judge’s ‘out’ call as ‘in.’ The player or team may now choose to concede the rally to their opponent if they determine they would have been unable to return the ‘in’ ball. Similarly, Rule 13.E.4 calls for a replay when the referee overturns a line judge’s out call as in. The player or team who benefitted from the referee’s ruling may now choose to concede the rally to their opponent if they determine they would have been unable to return the ‘in’ ball. IV USA PICKLEBALL Official Rulebook (2024)

Medical Time-Outs (10.B.2.c) A player is now allowed to use available standard time-outs after the 15-minute medical time-out has expired to allow more time before the player must retire from the match. NOTE related to medical time-outs: Case 5-23 in the USAP Casebook establishes how and when a player can rescind a requested medical time-out, and that the medical time-out would not be charged to the player. The ruling has been revised to require that the requested medical time-out be charged to the player.

Paddle Specifications (2.E.2/2.E.5.a/2.E.5.c) Paddle specifications have been updated to address new and emerging paddle technology and features and to clarify the alterations that players are allowed to make to certified paddles.

Mini-Singles (12.O) Mini-singles is currently an approved format. The specific rules governing mini-singles are now incorporated in the Rulebook.

CAPA Website Tip 

How do I change my skill level in my CAPA personal profile?

Are you not getting invitations to CAPA pickleball events? Invitations to many pickleball events are emailed to CAPA members based on their skill level listed in their profile. Log into your profile and change the skill level listed to be more accurate. Check out this document that describes each step and shows what the screen should look like as you make this change. 

Instructions on how to enter your profile and change your listed skill level.

How about a gift of Franklin 40X pickleballs for your favorite pickleball player? Watch for the updated list of resellers coming out soon!  

Volunteer news will be coming out in January!


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