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The Executive Committee has the responsibility of forming and assigning committees as needed beyond the following listed:


Membership/Fund Raising will work with the Executive Committee to attract new members, retain existing members, and develop various fund raising activities.  The committee shall maintain the current membership list. 


Court Facilities will work with the Executive Committee and the Madison Parks Department in determining needs and costs for court improvements, expansions, repairs, maintenance equipment, cleaning and any other needs.  Other related matters, such as equipment, bulletin boards, signage, storage, etc., will fall to this committee.


Court Scheduling will be responsible for coordinating courts and play time.  This committee will establish the format that will be used for play during scheduled times. 


Training/Skill Development will be responsible for identifying, developing and facilitating various training and skills development activities and courses for members.  This committee will work with the Madison Parks Department to ensure community training opportunities are also made available.


Social is responsible for organizing pot lucks, cookouts, etc. for members.  This committee will also work closely with the Membership/Fund Raising Committee to assist in developing and organizing activities in direct support of attracting new members and raising funds.


Communications will be responsible for developing and maintaining various communication services in such a manner that they are uniformly available in a timely manner to all members.  Additionally a universally available communication vehicle shall be developed and maintained for communicating to the general public.


Nominating  No later than August the President must appoint a Nominating Committee.  This committee will canvas current membership for volunteers and others who may be interested in serving on the Executive Committee.  Candidates for election will be presented to the Executive Committee and must be presented to the membership one week prior to the annual meeting in August.

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