Dane County Courts Are Open!

EMERGENCY ORDER #10: Goes into effect November 17, 2020

Great news!  Pickleball and Tennis courts open under modified play rules, as announced through the Dane Forward plan published by Madison & Dane County Public Health. Check with local municipalities to determine court availability.


4. c. Public Courts, Fields, and Sports.

  1. All public courts and fields are open.

  2. Physical distancing between individuals not from the same household or living unit must be maintained at all times.

  3. Games and competitions are allowed for low risk sports with physical distancing maintained at all times. Low-risk sports are sports that can be done individually, or with physical distancing, or no to minimal sharing of equipment or the ability to clean the equipment between use.


Safe-play signage is posted at the courts and available on the City of Madison COVID-19 website. The City expects these rules and guidelines could evolve over the summer.

Bring your own sanitizing kit, masks, etc.  Avoid touching common areas, e.g., gate posts, etc.


Bring your own personally identifiable ball. Always serve with your own ball, do not touch other pickleballs with your hands.


Players are asked to arrive, play, then leave. Considering the proximity of courts to parking lots, open courts may be difficult to observe. Please maintain social distancing and personal protection guidelines at all times. 


Please also reference CDC, Madison & Dane County Public Health, USAPA & USTA guidelines.


Let’s all play safely!


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