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What level league should I sign up for?

Am I really a 3.0 player?

How can I improve my game?

Sign up for a skills evaluation to find out

How do I sign up?

1. Read about the different skill levels so you’ll know which level to select on the application form.

2. Fill in the application form.  Under the “Name of the certified rating specialist (CRS) who will be testing you”, enter “KaSandra Gehrke.” Under “Name of Club” enter “Capital Area Pickleball Association” and check “Yes” under “Is your club and IPTPA member club and listed on our website.”  You will pay the reduced fee of $15.


3. Contact KaSandra ( or 608-333-3655) with your name and the names of your three pickleball friends of comparable playing ability (for example, you all evaluate yourselves as 3.0 players).  You’ll be evaluated in a foursome.


KaSandra will contact you to confirm the date/time/location of the evaluation session. Bring the $25 evaluation fee in cash on the day of the session.

What skills will be evaluated?

Depending upon which skill level you select, you’ll need to demonstrate and receive a passing score on some or all of the following skills:

  • Dinks

  • Third Shot Drop from middle of court

  • Third Shot Drop  from the baseline

  • Volleys

  • Serves and Return of Serves

  • Overheads

  • Offensive lobs from the NVZ line

Note:  This program  provides a club rating and does not take the place of or is considered a USAPA sanctioned rating.

Discounted CAPA membership

cost = $40

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