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Web Contributors Needed!


Position description:  Creates website updates reflecting membership activities, tournament results, upcoming events, etc. 

Benefits to the position: These are very important positions within the CAPA organization responsible for helping to communicate to membership and the general public. Web contributors are “plugged into” CAPA and area events, community happenings and helpful pickleball information.


Skills and Experience Needed: Basic ability to assemble a MS Word document with pictures & text, then print it. Experience maintaining an existing web site/Facebook page is helpful but not necessary. 


Support: Contributors will have full technical support as well as guidance and review by board members as needed.


Time Commitment: Updates to website: Up to 1 hr per week during the most active summer months depending upon the number of updates provided.


Interested?  Send an email to


Contributors must provide own computer, access to the internet and office or home space necessary to accommodate and utilize those items in conjunction with performing the duties of this position.  

No payments will be made by CAPA for any expenses derived from performing the duties of this position.  

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