Capital Area Pickleball Association
Serving Dane County Wisconsin

Technology Committee

The CAPA Technology Committee shall:


(a) be generally responsible for computerization and specifically responsible for:

            1. the availability, stability, functionality, and ease of use of the CAPA website.

            2. system administration of the membership software.

            3. developing and deploying software for administering CAPA elections.

(b) maintain a database of current members and their contact information.

(c) provide regular membership reports to the Board.

(d) maintain a mailing list of members that can be subsetted by geography, ability level, age, and sex or any combination thereof.

(e) create, solicit, edit, organize, and publish audio and visual content of the website.

(f) keep current all licenses, permissions, and payments required for internet operability.

(g) maintain, configure, and troubleshoot servers.

(h) ensure site security by setting up firewalls, user authorizations, and login procedures.

(i) debug pages and fix broken links or images.

(j) monitor and analyze website performance.

(k) address user complaints.

(l) investigate new technologies, functionalities, and services.

(m) recommend a Webmaster from among its own members.


Chairperson    Mick Viney

Members:        Michael Wedge

                        Jen Feldmann



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