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Which is Better for Adding Spin - A Smooth or Textured Paddle?

7 Feb 2024 1:18 PM | Abigail Darwin

Most players would agree that one of the most critical pieces of equipment for excelling at the sport of pickleball is the paddle. Have you ever wondered whether a smooth or textured surface is better for adding spin? In this blog post, we'll explore which type of paddle is better for adding spin to your pickleball game.

Smooth Paddles

Smooth paddles are generally less expensive than textured paddles, making them a good option for beginners or players on a budget. However, smooth paddles may not be the best choice for players looking to add spin to their shots. The smooth surface does not generate as much friction on the ball as a textured surface, making it harder to apply spin.

Textured Paddles

Textured paddles have a surface with grit, tiny grooves, or patterns that creates friction on the ball. This increased friction makes it easier for players to add sidespin, topspin, underspin, or any other kind of spin you’d care to name to their shots! Applying spin generally makes it harder for opponents to return the ball. Textured paddles are generally more expensive than smooth paddles, but the increased winning advantage it could give you on the court may be worth it.

Different Types of Surface Textures

If you are looking for a paddle with a textured surface that will allow you to add more spin to your shots, you will notice that some paddles seem to have what looks like grit painted onto them and others that seem to have the texture built into their very fiber (usually carbon fiber, no pun intended!).

Although paddles with “paint grit” feel very rough when first taken out of their original packaging and can add a lot of great spin initially, the grit wears down very quickly after just a few sessions of heavy play. And while these paddles may be less expensive, you will soon be left with a smooth and un-spinful paddle.

The most durable and spin-iest paddles tend to be the ones that are made of carbon fiber or graphite and which have a rough texture that almost feels like it is built into the paddle face. Although these paddles are more expensive and the texture will still wear out over time, they are by far some of the best quality paddles on the market today and will likely help take your game to the next level!

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