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New Dedicated Pickleball Courts Coming to City of Madison in the Next 2-3 Years!

18 Mar 2024 1:30 PM | Abigail Darwin

As many of you know, the city of Madison currently has only 6 dedicated pickleball courts, which are all located at Garner Park. There are many more tennis courts that are also lined for pickleball, but the only courts that are specifically designated just for pickleball are at Garner Park. That is not very many dedicated pickleball courts for a city that has a population of over 275,000 people!

So, I decided to email the Madison Parks Division and ask if they had any plans to build more dedicated pickleball courts in the city of Madison. On March 14, 2024, Ann Shea, Public Information Officer for the Parks Division, responded back that, “We do plan to build a new court complex at Warner Park in the next 2 to 3 years. Parks Planning & Development will reach out to [CAPA] as the process to develop begins.”

And, on March 18, 2024, Ann Freiwald, Planning and Development Manager for the Madison Parks Division, emailed me to say that in addition, "Old Timber Park will be getting a two court pickleball court soon (ish). Exact time frame is not known but I would say within the next two years, three at the most." I subsequently confirmed with her that these courts will also be dedicated pickleball courts. (If you are wondering where Old Timber Park is located, it is on Madison's far west side. The address is 10305 Hazy Sky Pkwy, Madison, WI, 53593.)

This is exciting news for pickleball players in and around Madison!

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