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Want to Play Pickleball?

How to get started

Pickleball is played at a variety of places in and around Madison. Click on the links below to see where it's offered, go to a location, jump in and play! Most locations have what's called 'Open Play' where you can join in with other players.


Dress in comfortable clothes, grab your paddle and just show up! Everyone is welcome! Don't worry that there are players of different levels at each location; other players understand if you're new and they're all happy to see new players join the sport! 


If you'd like to take to learn the game, click on a link below to find where lessons are held. 

Where can I play?

100 courts within 20 miles

of the Wisconsin State Capitol

Indoor CourtsOutdoor Courts

What is pickleball

& why is it so popular? 

Check these videos out

How do I learn to play?  

Can I take Lessons?

Lesson options

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