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Madison Pickleball Meetup Group

Meetup Groups are focused on getting fellow pickleball players together.  If you know of other Pickleball players looking for other players, encourage them to join the Madison Pickleball Meetup Group!

Meetups - Intro, Learner and Novice Lessons

Free Intro (1.0), Learner (1.25), and Newbie (1.5) lessons via Meetups Intro and Novice.

Meetups - Beginner and Intermediate Play

You don’t have to round up your own players to get up enough for a game! Free 2-hour “Beginner” and “Intermediate” sessions are available throughout the week by signing up at Meetups Beginner and Intermediate. Players are comparable skill levels based on self evaluation. Balls are provided, and there’s a Meetup organizer on site to get things going, answer questions, and provide advice in addition to being a fellow player.

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