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2024 ACE Mentor Wisconsin - Madison Affiliate - Pickleball Tournament Fundraiser

  • 15 Jun 2024
  • 8:00 AM
  • McFarland Pickleball Courts 4802 Marsh Rd, McFarland, WI 53558

Sign up:

Thank you for supporting the second annual ACE Mentor - Madison Affiliate Pickleball Fundraiser! 100% of proceeds (after expenses) will be donated to the local chapter benefiting Madison area students. Thank you to our sponsors!


McFarland Pickleball Courts

4802 Marsh Rd, McFarland, WI 53558


Date & Time

Saturday June 15, 2024

Start as early as 8:00am

Rain date: Sunday June 16, 2024



$55/person for one event, $25/person for each additional event



Register on or before May 15, 2024 to receive a t-shirt AND a $5 discount off of your registration! A maximum of $5 will be discounted regardless if a player registers for one or more events. Registrations on or after May 16, 2024 are not guaranteed a t-shirt. T-shirt sizes are gender neutral. Sign up early to avoid being placed on the waiting list. Cancellations on or after June 8, 2024 may be refunded per discretion of tournament director. Cancellations made on or after June 9, 2023 will not be refunded.

Ensure that email addresses are typed out correctly as this will be the primary form of communication. Only one partner needs to sign up, and duplicate entries will be removed.

Payment is expected at time of registration. Registration is not final until payment has been received for both partners. Avoid getting placed on the waiting list and pay as soon as possible! 

Once you've calculated your registration fee amount, please pay via Paypal @ ACE Mentor Program's Paypal Site. If possible, please indicate in the payment notes the name(s) of the registrants, especially if the name of the payee is different than the name of the registrant. This helps us keep track of who has paid. Thanks!

You may also pay by check! Please make checks payable to: ACE Mentor Program of Greater Milwaukee and mail to 5802 Research Park Blvd, Madison, WI 53719. Attn: Fred Carvalho.

3.75-4.25 Events & 4.25-4.75 Events: $55 registration fee per person which includes one event. Then, $25 per person for each additional event. For example, if you sign up for Womens 4.25-4.75 then it's $55. If you sign up for Womens 4.25-4.75 AND Mixed 4.25-4.75, then your registration fee is $80. If you sign up for Mens 4.25-4.75, Mixed 4.25-4.75, AND Mens 3.75-4.25, then your total registration fee is $105). Players who are rated roughly around 4.25 may play in either/both skill division(s). 


Sunset Scramble: New in 2024! Registration fee is $55 and also includes a t-shirt! This event is only for 3.5 rated players and below and will be an organized rotation of play for up to 32 players! Door prizes throughout play and no partner is required for registration!


Event Schedule (tentative and subject to change)

The exact event schedule will be released as early as possible but likely one week prior to the event. All events will be played on the same day starting as early as 8am.

Tentative start time for each event is:

8:00am: Womens and Mens 4.25-4.75

11:30am: Mixed 4.25-4.75 and Mixed 3.75-4.25

3:00pm: Womens and Mens 3.75-4.25

6:00pm: Sunset Scramble 3.5 and below (sign up as an individual)


Event Format

The 3.75-4.25 and 4.25-4.75 tournament formats will LIKELY consist of a round robin followed with a playoff that includes either all teams or top teams (meaning some teams will be eliminated prior to the playoffs). Expect to play between 2-3 hours per event. Exact format may be announced as early as a week before the event or up to the morning of the event. Games will be played to 11, or 15 points win by 1 one in either one game or best of three games, depending on availability of time and courts. Event/divisions may be combined based on how many teams sign up. Each event's format may be unique based on number of teams, time/court space limitations, or other reasons solely at the director's discretion.

The Sunset Scramble format will consist of about 2-3 hours of play and players will partner with a number of other players, play against a variety of opponents, and throughout the duration of the scramble door prizes will be awarded for a variety of reasons, not necessarily for who wins. You'll play a lot of games in a row and get to meet a lot of fellow picklers!

William McFarland Park consists of eight dedicated, court surface, permanent net, pickleball courts with lights and wind screens. Franklin X-40 pickleballs. Matches will NOT be entered in DUPR. 


Cancellation/Unplayable Weather Policy

In the event of unplayable weather, matches will be played the following day Sunday June 16, 2024. If there is unplayable weather on Saturday June 15, 2024 and unplayable weather on June 16, 2024 then players will be refunded 50% of registration fees (less transaction fees) and players who registered early enough for a t-shirt will still be provided the t-shirts! This is a fundraising event for a wonderful non-profit cause, please register with those expectations in mind. 

In the event of unplayable weather on June 15, 2024 and weather IS playable on June 16, 2024, then no refunds will be issued. 

Event directors will keep participants up to date on weather, any expected delays, and if events will be played on the the rain date of June 16, 2024.

If the events are moved to June 16, 2024, then participants may play fewer games and/or reduced points per game depending how much the weather permits us to play. 


Questions/Follow Up

Please contact the Event Directors at the top of this page for any pickleball related questions and contact Fred Carvalho ( for any ACE Mentor Program related questions. 



-What is all included with the $55 registration fee? 2-3 hours worth of Wisconsin's most fun pickleball play, a t-shirt, and probably some food. 

-Are there bathrooms at the park? Yes, there are bathrooms and water fillers. 

-Is there seating for spectators? Shaded areas? There is very limited seating for spectators. Lawn chairs are allowed and encouraged outside of the court space (on the grass). There will be limited tents for shade, and spectators are also encouraged to BYO tent. 

-What is the money being donated to? ACE Mentor Program - Madison Affiliate supports local high school students who are pursuing a career in architecture, construction, and/or engineering. The program offers internships, mentor/mentee connections, scholarships, unique learning/training experiences, field trips, and so much more.

-What if I don't have a pickleball partner? Please register and then contact the Event Directors at the top of this page. We'll try our best to find you a suitable partner.

-How do I know what event to sign up for? Generally speaking, 3.5 (or below) is a beginner skill level, 4.0 is intermediate, and anything above 4.25 is advanced. These numbers and ratings systems tend to be highly subjective and imperfect, so use them for what they are worth and use your best judgment. Or visit USA Pickleball's website for a broad definition. 

-Is there a minimum age to participate? No.

-Will medals be awarded to winners? The ACE Mentor program students are the true winners! But YES, there will be medals for winners!

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